The Recreational Cannabis Legalization Community Questionnaire that was distributed in March provided much needed insight for the Town of Creston.

A majority of those who completed the survey were for cannabis legalization, however 29% disagree with the legislation.  62% of residents who completed the questionnaire at least somewhat agree that legitimate cannabis business will be positive for the local economy, with 37% strongly a five block minimum distance.agreeing.

The top areas for legal cannabis stores fall within the CV mall area, downtown and North West Boulevard. 27% believe no limit is necessary for the maximum number of stores, however 63% prefer roughly two stores with the average preference of stores rounded up.

58% of residents agree that store hours should mirror those of liquor store between 11:00 AM and 9:00 PM. 25% would rather see shorter opening hours.

A majority of questionnaire participants prefer that the stores be located a five block minimum distance from schools, parks, day cares and community facilities.

78% believe cannabis smoking and vaping ought to be banned in all public places and 70% believe the same for age restricted lounges and cafes.

When it comes to property owners growing their own plants, opinions seem to be more divided. 30% prefer inside only, whereas 36% are okay with plants being grown anywhere on the owner’s property. 24% would rather have plants set back from property line.