Saara Itkonen, the new Chief Librarian will be arriving in Creston on October 1. She comes to the valley from Vancouver.
Creston librarian, Pat Tomasic, highlights Itkonen’s experience and achievements.
“Saara has a BA from UBC. She also has her Masters in librarian information science from McGill University. For the last eight years she’s been working as branch head in the Vancouver Public Library system and there she’s also been the children’s librarian and she has lots of experience with programming for people of all ages.”

(image courtesy of the Creston Public Library)

Tomasic shares some of Itkonen’s goals and work ethic as well as style.
“Saara has let us know that she not only enjoys working inside the library, she like to get out into the community to find out how the library can better serve the population.” Tomasic adds how excited Itkonen is to explore the valley, “She and her family are looking forward to getting to know the valley, physically, and getting to know the residents here.”
The previous Chief Librarian, Aaron Francis decided to pursue a law degree. Tomasic says library staff threw Francis a farewell tea party to send him off in good spirits.