Hold taxes, spend less and an affordable fire hall for firefighters. This is the platform Ellen Tzakis is running on for the position of Councilor.
Tzakis says she has been listening to the community for over 50 years and believes it is time for the Town of Creston to listen as well.
“Last December when there was a referendum that did not go through, 80% of our people in Creston voiced their opinion about what they wanted. I still don’t think they were listened to.”
Serving as the ambassador of Save-On-Foods (formerly Overwaitea Foods), Tzakis decided to run on behalf of those she cares for.
“I believe that every vote that I make will affect me, my family and everyone else in our community. We need to make responsible decisions and vote. My deepest concern is for the people of our community and the appreciation of the people and their concerns. That’s what’s helped me make my decision to give back to the community.”
If Tzakis wins a seat on Council, she says she will work diligently for the community and believes in honesty, decency and integrity.