Since 1999, Karen Unruh has served small communities.
At the newsroom, she touched on her three terms as councilor in Fort Nelson and service as regional director for the Northern Rockies Regional District prior to earning a seat on council for the Town of Creston.
Born and raised in Creston, Unruh decided to return to the Valley and run for councilor, bringing with her a different perspective on communities and what Creston needs to grow.
“When I came back, it took me a few years to sort of get my bearings and then thought, well I want to start working for the younger population. I’d like to see the younger demographic move in with some vibrancy and excitement.”
Unruh said this is starting to show in the last few years. She also made reference to her grandson, who was elated to see plans for the new skate park. This excitement and growth, Unruh said, is important for town development.
People being able to work remotely from home and the expansion of the tech sector paired with the agriculture community offers new families many options in the Valley, according to Unruh.
She also touched on the fire hall borrowing referendum, a cost that has already been personally calculated.
“I’m going to be paying about $65.00 dollars a year, which I think for what we need and to ensure that we have a safe and adequate place for our firefighters, staff and volunteers… it’s paramount. It’s a given.”
Karen Unruh’s platform and achievements are listed below.