The Lower Kootenay Band will choose a new council on November 22.
Chief Jason Louie explains that the chief council member and two supporting council members are chosen purely by popular vote this election cycle.
“The most votes becomes the Chief Councilor, second most votes will fill the council position and the third most votes will fill the other council position”
He says two years from now in another election cycle, two more councilors will be voted in so that council remains with one chief and four councilors.
Louie says the titles of hereditary chief and chief council member are both leadership roles, but one is through patriarchal bloodline and the other is democratic.
“Hereditary chief is through the bloodlines on a certain family through the male side and this is something that is totally unrelated, however it is a leadership role.”
A forum in which all of the council candidates will have a chance to speak their mind will take place on November 1.
Jason Louie along with Eleanor George, Carol Louie, Robert Louie, Wayne Louie, Sandra Luke, Doreen White and Robert Louie are all on the candidate list.