A judicial recount has been approved by Justice Doerksen.
The recount will take place at the Creston Town Hall on November 2nd at 9:30 AM.
Chief elections officer Stacey Hadley along with deputy election officers Marsha Neufeld and Donna Cassel will partake in the recount process.
According to Neufeld, Justice Doerksen will review ballots that may have discrepancies.
“The Judge will make a decision on whether or not the ballot’s identifiable, if it will count. The way he says he will do the count is that he’s treating all 3 columns as separate ballots. “
That means if a portion of the ballot was spoiled, for example voting for two mayors, it will not affect the column that elects six council members or the borrowing referendum if those sections are clear and unspoiled.
With a fresh set of human eyes, these ballots could possibly change the result of the 6th council seat as Jimmy Karountzos edged out Joanna Wilson by only eight votes.