A well attended inaugural meeting saw the Town of Creston’s Council sworn in yesterday.

The crowd was mostly filled with supporters of the council elect, but it was also laced with former competitors.

Both Karen and Keith Goforth were in attendance as well as Debbie Cherkas, all of whom came close to being elected themselves.

Tzakis reciting the oath of office (image courtesy of Jensen Shields)

A newcomer to council, Ellen Tzakis, spoke to themycrestonnow.com newsroom about her new role.

She says she is prepared to work with her new colleagues.

“We will all have to work as a team and I’m sure that we will all not agree all the time. I’m sure that we will come to a consensus and it’s always good to ask the questions. “

Arnold Deboon was also sworn in for the first time, though he says he is already well acquainted with his team.

“I think we’ll be a cohesive bunch. I know everybody here. Since I’ve been in this town for so long, nobody’s a stranger, we’ve all had lots of chances to talk about things in the past so I think as we go on and learn what we are doing in council, I’m sure we will form a team. That’s the intent and that’s what we all want.”

Deboon also said what he looks forward to most is seeing the Creston fire trucks parked in the new fire hall.

Chief Jason Louie addresses the crowd (image courtesy of Jensen Shields)


Though not a joint inauguration with the Lower Kootenay Band because of the election time difference, Chief Jason Louie was in attendance as well and delivered a speech in which he simply counted to ten in the Ktunaxa language.

According to Louie, he did so to lighten the mood and address reconciliation both in Canada and the in Valley and how the crowd would likely not have noticed the apparent joke.

Next council meeting on November 20th will conclude all of the official appointments, namely those involving the RDCK.