Protocol, law and decorum are all on the agenda in an orientation which may serve as a refresher course for many of the Creston councilors.

Only Arnold Deboon and Ellen Tzakis are the fresh faces in council.

Mayor Ron Toyota says the process is necessary even though many have gone through it before.

“We sit there for two days and we go through all of the protocol, local government and everything else.”

Dr. Gordon Macintosh will be facilitating the orientation and has worked with Toyota for over 10 years.

The Committee of the Whole meeting will take place on Wednesday next week to accommodate the orientation which takes place Monday and Tuesday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM.

One instance of protocol being properly followed in an irregular situation involved Councilor Arnold Deboon.

A conflict of interest prompted Councilor Deboon to leave council chambers on Tuesday.

This was because his daughter in law, Jessica Deboon, co-signed a letter requesting grant money.

The $500.00 grant is for a road trip to We Day in Vancouver for the members of Canyon-Lister Elementary School non-profit organization, Be The Change.

Before the vote began, Deboon alerted his fellow members and left the room. Mayor Ron Toyota applauded Deboon’s intentions.

Without Deboon’s vote, the grant was awarded anyway.