The developing Creston Valley Thunder Cats team is starting to see improvement while their devoted fans continues to support the team regardless of their win/loss ratio.

Play by Play commentator who often travels on the road with the Thunder Cats, Eric Blow, visits different rinks sees other crowds.

He says the Creston fan base is sensational.

“Creston always had a very devoted fan base. they might now pull in a thousand people Kimberley and Fernie do with help from the ski hills there, but the core fan base in Creston has always been sensational.”

Creston has outscored their opponents 17 to 15 on home ice in their last 5 home games.

Blow says despite their record, the team’s mood is light and the players are buying into Head Coach Nick Redding’s system.

“It sucks when you lose but the mood has always been light in there, it’s always been a good group of guys. But I think with them finding their identity slowly, the mood had shifted more as a team mentality.  the culture inside the dressing room has shifted dramatically from even three weeks ago.”

Last weekend saw a win and a loss for the Thunder Cats, however according to Blow, their scoring has gone up and the team is more responsible defensively .

Next home game is this Friday versus the Kimberley Dynamiters.