The Town of Creston has started their recruitment efforts for the fire hall Technical Building Advisory Committee (TBAC). The committee will be comprised of three former advisory select committee members, two current Creston council members and a Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) representative for Area B and Area C.

Executive assistant for the Town of Creston, Marsha Neufeld says they are looking to fill the four remaining spots with members from the community who have the appropriate skills and experience to help move the project forward.

“We’re asking for people to have demonstrated technical building experience in design, development and construction project management. And, of course, the willingness to commit the time and interest in the future of Creston from a community-wide perspective.”

Neufeld says members cannot have a conflict of interest if they wish to participate, for example, awarding contracts to their own family business.

“We should note as well that the professionals willing to be a part of the committee may end up placing themselves in a conflict of interest just for any future tendering or bid processes they may wish to participate in.”

Neufeld adds the committee meetings will be run in a transparent manner.

“The meetings would be open as the ASC meetings were open as well to attend in the gallery. At the very end of the meeting, there will be a question period where people can ask questions directly of the consultants or anybody facilitating that way.”

Council has also formally adopted the recommendations of the previous Community Advisory Select Committee (ASC) that the site be located on Cook Street and be approximately 14,000 square feet.

If interested in applying for the TBAC, applications will be accepted until December 14, 2018. Recommendations for membership will be submitted to the Mayor and Council for consideration and approval in early January 2019. A full-day orientation workshop for the new committee is planned for January as well.

Wish to apply? Follow this link or go the website.