The Creston & District Credit Union board of directors have decided to remove themselves from the initiative to form a new unified credit union across the Columbia, Kootenay and Boundary Country regions.

According to Acting Chair of the Board Rob Simpson, they did not feel this act would have served the in best interests of their members or the credit union.

“I think at this point, they just decided that they were a very sound and stable credit union and at this time, they just didn’t think it was something that our members needed or was in the best interest to the credit union right now” Said Simpson.

Though the board of directors did not choose to amalgamate with their neighbours, in their press release they say they send best wishes to the peer group partners who are moving forward.

Simpson expressed his gratitude for the ongoing support on the Creston & District Credit Union. He pointed out the reason many chose a credit union over a larger bank.

“I think, just that familiarity and that connection with your credit union, knowing that your credit union money is staying in the Creston Valley with your community and your peers,” Simpson explained. “That’s the big credit union philosophy. Community helping your community, helping your local organizations.”

The Creston & District Credit Union engages in a number of community events and sponsorships. More details on their contributions can be found here.