The Lower Kootenay band saw Chief Jason Louie re-elected and now he may look forward to a number of initiatives slated for 2019.

He says he’s on board with working alongside his fellow councilors to see the completion of these projects.

One is the construction of a brand new health centre which will also serve as the headquarters for LKB administration.

The other is a referendum in regards to building an alcohol and drug abuse treatment centre for which they’ve already received a grant.

Chief Louie says he’s excited about the project.

“We’re quite excited to move forward with that but again, that’s up to the people. I’m hoping we can all see the benefits of helping not just our community but first nations people in the province and in the country who are dealing with addictions and substance abuse issues.”

He also encourages members of the community to apply for positions in these new facilities.

“Well there will definitely be that opportunity for application. the treatment centre, for example, you know they do need to be certified counselors and I am aware of some members from our community that have those credentials and I really hope that they will apply for the positions. Because it’s an investment in our health and wellness.”

Chief Jason Louie has held office since first being elected in 2010 and says he’s humbled by this year’s election results.