Acting Fire Chief Jared Riel says Creston fire and rescue responded to 28 incidents in December, a steep drop from the 78 same time last year.

According to Riel, this is in part due to the changed response model that reduces the amount of medical calls that Creston Fire responds to.

Variable and shifting highway conditions continue to cause accidents in the region.

Creston Fire Rescue responded to 7 motor vehicle incidents due to road conditions in December.

Riel says this number doesn’t tell a complete story as many drivers elect not to involve the authorities.

Conditions change rapidly due to variables such as sunlight and elevation in stretches no further than a few metres. Riel explains.

“You can have dry pavement then all of the sudden when you turn a corner, maybe it’s a little shadier, there’s been a snow pile that’s melted. The sun just hasn’t hit it and now you hit a patch of black ice.”

Riel notes that the stretch from Erickson to Curzon is notorious for black Ice.

As weather conditions hover close to the melting and freezing mark, rapidly changing conditions continue to dog drivers.