Regional District of Central Kootenay Area B Director Tanya Wall is hoping the Columbia Basin Trust will allow her to exceed the 2019 ask for community initiatives funding.

$73,906  in funding from the CBT was allocated this year for community initiatives in Area B, $5,001 was carried over from last year and one project pulled out this year.

As the total ask for 2019 was $69,844 this leaves almost $9,000 extra. Rather than give it back to the CTB, Director Wall says she wants to enhance the existing 29 community projects.

“Instead of just letting this money sit in the bank account, let’s get it in the hands of the groups and lets make these projects move forward.”

According to Director Wall, she says it would help as Area B was under funded last year compared to their neighbouring districts, Area A, Area C and the Town of Creston.

“Last year we were asked for $177,000 in grant funding. We only had, you know, $72,000 to give out.”

Each regional district acts as a sort of intermediary between community initiatives project managers and the CBT. 2019 saw fewer grant requests because of the stricter guidelines to secure grant funding.


Below is a list of projects that have been approved funding by the CBT.  The pink column represents approved funding.  The green column represents enhanced funding should the CBT move forward with Director Wall and the Area B committee’s request to keep the total  $78,807. If committee wishes are approved the carry over would be $2,347 to 2020.