The West Creston Fire Hall may see completion by December.

The project hadn’t seen progress since before Adam Casemore was elected Area C Director last year. Casemore estimates the $300,000 to $350,000 cost will be reduced thanks to donated labour from Z-KO Construction and materials from J.H Huscroft Ltd to help build phase 1.

“It’s going to be a two-phase approach,” Casemore explains. “So we’re hoping, construction should resume this summer, mid-summer. We’re hoping to get it to lock-up stage by the fall.”

Casemore says boots on the ground this summer allows him to apply for grant funding. The BC Gaming Grant funds community projects through provincial gambling revenues. However, Casemore says he needs more support to get the final stage complete by December.

“There’s been some verbal commitments from other organizations that need to see a structure before they come on board and offer some funding. I think just getting the structure there and up will open doors and more opportunities for other partnerships and organizations.”

Should all go according to plan, Casemore says the fire hall could be complete before West Creston Fire Services has to renew their December lease to house their equipment on private property.

Area C residents requested in a Town Hall meeting last week that updates be posted regarding the ongoing project which began construction three years ago. Casemore says he will do so.