The Lower Kootenay Band is moving forward with a couple of developments this summer.

August will see the first steps of construction for their new Health and Administration building, a much needed addition for staff that have outgrown their current offices.

“As is stands, we have a diabetic-health nurse that will be moving in there,” Explains Chief Jason Louie. “We have a nurse practitioner, foot care clinic, so we just basically ran out of space. that’s why we need the facility.”

Chief Louie says he also hopes to gain a monthly or bi-monthly family practitioner as well since most Lower Kootenay Band members do not have a family doctor.

The 7 Eagles Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre is also on the Horizon.

However, a July 9  Referendum for Lower Kootenay Band members will take place to cement the support it needs in order to gain funding from the First Nations Health Authority. Chief Louie explains.

“It reassures the funding source that the community is in favour or they’re not in favour. If it turns out they’re not in favour, then they would move to another First Nation and they would have to go through a similar process.”

According to Chief Louie 7 Eagles represents 7 First Nations involved in the project.