The town of Creston is temporarily closing off Steve’s Ride Trail until roughly Wednesday at 1:00 pm.

The path which connects 11th Avenue and Cedar Street houses a toxic weed commonly known as Poison Hemlock.

Chief Administrative Officer Mike Moore said in the Town’s media release that Town crews utilized both manual and mechanical removal of the plant, but each year it continues to come back. The Town has decided to chemically eradicate the dangerous weed by applying the chemical herbicide, Glyphosate, as they have determined it to be the safest option for both Town employees and the public.

The invasive and poisonous plant which is non-native to North America  is currently ranked as one of the top ten priority invasive plants in British Columbia. If mowed, inhale-able toxins fill the air which is dangerous for humans and animals.  The Town advises that you do not leave you child unattended or have your pet off-leash in the area.