The Town of Creston’s assets including roads, drains, potable water and recreation facilities don’t last forever.

For that reason, Chief Administrative Officer Mike Moore iterated the importance of the Asset Management Plan which will be presented to Council in June.

During this week’s Committee of the whole Meeting, Moore referenced the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card. One of the key messages it outlined is that for every dollar to keep road conditions above “fair,” it avoids the more expensive avenues of rehabilitation or reconstruction which costs 6 to 10 times more.

One of the positives, according to Moore, is that repairs are usually less expensive in towns like Creston compared to cities which often have to work around metro stations or other assets.

The 2016 survey shows that, across Canada, roughly 35% of municipal assets are either “fair” or falling into disrepair.

The cost for reinvestment is expected to be $388 billion.

Creston’s Asset Management Plan may follow a similar “report card” model.