Save-On-Foods in Creston partnered up with the local food bank and Food Mesh to achieve zero food waste.

Manager Steve Smeaton says the local food bank is working with Save-On-Foods staff after having been trained by Food Mesh.

“So they will be teaching them how to divide the products into human consumption, farm or compost. So our store officially goes to a zero waste facility and all this food that is still great to eat will go to help serve our community.”

According to Smeaton the Food bank has a different set of rules for past due dates, however it’s all regulated to make sure all food is healthy to eat.

“A lot of the products from our bakery and those kind of products, but even a lot of meats and stuff as well. Food banks have completely different rules for food than a grocery store does.”

If it is not safe for humans, it goes to the farms. If it is not safe for animals to consume, then whatever food waste is left goes into a compost heap.

Smeaton says he’s glad to get on board with a greener food recovery system while also giving back to the community.