It was cancelled last year due to smoke and increased emergency services, but this year the Airport Drag Race is on.

Creston Valley Cruisers is putting on the event with the help of local volunteers like Ron Choquette. He says not to bring your dog due to the noise and safety concerns, and drones will also be banned. Bring only a chair, sunblock and enthusiasm.

“We’re going to be accepting drop offs for the food bank, non-perishable food. So if you can contribute something that would be great.”

This year is the first of hopefully many years of drag races in the Creston Valley. According to Choquette, 37 to 38 vehicles and drivers are participating including some from the U.S.  He says he hope the event will eventually grow into a two day event, bringing in even more revenue for the town through tourism, shopping and even fuel. Once the drag races take off and grow, the organisers may invest in technologies to accurately time each race with lasers. Choquette says first they will “learn to walk before we run.”

For now it’s safety first, ensuring the event runs smoothly and by the book according to Choquette.

“Driver has to have a helmet, vehicle has to be equipped with seat belts. the vehicle can not be dripping any fluids because that would compromise the integrity of the runway, and basically there will be safety check. We have five certified mechanics who will be looking at things like the tire, the break etc.”

Drivers wanting to participate must get there by 7:00 a.m. Emergency crews will be at the ready and there’s a contingency plan if there’s a little bit of rainfall.

“It’s easily corrected by driving the vehicles back and forth  along that runway. The heat and friction from the tires will dry the runway in no time at all.”

Choquette says, though there may be a delay, races will be able to continue.

Spectators may arrive at 9:00 a.m. The no-alcohol event will have food trucks, including ribs in the afternoon.

For details on how to register and more, visit the Creston Valley Cruisers Website.