Creston Valley Rod and Gun Club President Les Herle announced a range of free activities, including a BBQ, at Mawson Lake on June 15.

He says the club started with humble origins 100 years ago.

“A group of sportsmen got together and they met at a coffee shop and decided it was time to form a club so that they could protect the different issues they had at the time. Like habitat, if there was any, and restoring fish populations. Pretty much the same thing as we do now.”

Now there are more than 500 members in the Creston Valley according to Herle. To celebrate, the club will be giving free instruction on how to get into some outdoor activities.

“We’re going to have instructional fly times, how to tie your hook, how to cast, how to fish for the bass that are in our lake there,” said Herle.”And in the backside there’s also bow shooting. There’s targets back there and we’re going to be supplying rods and arrows and instruction of how to use it. People can see if they want to get into that sport.”

All of the events will be free and there will also be a kid friendly fishing derby.

The celebration and activities will be at Mawson Lake, south of Creston near the US border.