Creston Media Report


Police received 61 calls for assistance from June 4 to June 11, 2019.


June 4, 2019

  • Report of attempted credit card fraud in which a caller advised the complainant that she could settle her account by purchasing and providing Google gift cards.
  • Opened an investigation regarding a person attempting to enter Canada illegally.
  • Report of aggressive drivers on Canyon Street.

June 5, 2019

  • Opened an investigation into the theft of flags from PCSS.  
  • After a report of damage to flower pots outside a business in Creston, a suspect was identified and dealt with by police.
  • Police returned stolen property to the rightful owners that was found at a residence during a search warrant.
  • Attended a false fire alarm that turned out to be a discarded smoke detector going off in a garbage can.

June 6, 2019

  • A concerned citizen turned in a found suspicious substance that turned out to be methamphetemine.

June 7, 2019

  • Attended to a report of a male running down Northwest Boulevard, jumping into traffic, and throwing rocks at vehicles. The intoxicated male was found and arrested at a nearby business. He faces a number of charges including cause a disturbance and breach of release conditions.
  • Report of harassment by an ex-partner.
  • Assisted the Creston Hospital with an attempt to locate a patient who had left the hospital before treatment.
  • Report from CP police that 3 males were jumping in front of a moving train in Yahk. The males were not located.

June 8, 2019

  • Report of a male entering another persons vehicle unauthorized.
  • Police found a person sleeping in a vehicle outside a business in Creston. The vehicle turned out to have been taken without consent from Salmon Arm.
  • Report of a theft of a licence plate.
  • Report of mischief to a vehicle in Creston. The complainant believed that the offender was known to him.
  • Report of mischief to a vehicle in Kitchener. Possibly related to the mischief in Creston.
  • A disagreement between intoxicated party goers turned into a minor assault.
  • Report of fireworks at a party at a rural property. Police attended to ensure there was no damage or fire hazard.

June 9, 2019

  • Report of theft of pants from a residence in Creston. The pants were found, but not stolen.
  • Report of a stolen trailer that was the subject of a property dispute.

June 10, 2019

  • Report of hitch hikers that had to be kicked out of the vehicle after they became unruly.
  • Report of a fraud in which a caller posed as a lawyer for a deceased relative and requested money for a number of services.
  • Report of threats made by an ex business partner.
  • A vehicle stop for speeding on Highway 3A resulted in the drinking, unlicensed driver being issued a 90 day driving suspension, fines, and having the vehicle impounded for 7 days.  

S/Sgt. Ryan Currie