Through fundraising and volunteerism, the Tuck Shop ladies were able to donate a $27,000 bariatric bed to the Creston Valley Hospital.

Registered Nurse and Site Manager Carolyn Hawton says the donation is larger than usual.

“They’ll contact me and say, Carolyn it’s time to go shopping. They give me a total of somewhere around $15,000, sometimes as much as $20,000 a year.”

The mechanical bariatric bed can sustain up to 850 pounds and is both wider and lower to the ground. The current bariatric bed at the hospital is over 12 years old according to Hawton, and has lost its mechanical component which allows it to adjust.

“It just allows us the opportunity to have more people stay in Creston to receive their medical care because we can provide those specialty services that they need. ”

The new piece of equipment is a welcomed addition.

“Aren’t they fabulous?” Hawton shares her gratitude. “Those ladies, with all those items that they make each year, they sell items through the Tuck Shop, they go to craft fairs and they make a large amount of funds.”

To find the Tuck Shop, look no further than the lobby in the Creston Valley Hospital.