In her first week Abra Brynne is beginning to assemble her green-team.
The Kootenay-Columbia Green Party candidate was elected by party members on July 14, 2019. She says she’s raising funds, securing staff and volunteers while following Elections Canada requirements. A part of the process is reaching out to partners to kick off her campaign.
“I’m quite floored and delighted to by the wide range of people who have come forward and said I want to support you, I want to help you, so I’,  really excited about that. And i’m excited about that fact that my more than 20 years i worked across the riding. So I have contacts in a lot of the communities. People are coming forward and asking, what can where I am.
Brynne is the daughter of an entrepreneur and worked closely with the Kootenay Co-op for the last 29 years. She says she’s also worked farmers, abattoir operators and small businesses.
My Creston Now Dot Com Newsroom asked Brynne, how to build a platform that both satisfies industry and greener policies in the Kootenays and Canada.
“I recognize that all organisms that live on the earth have an impact on the ecosystem. Ideally we want to do it in a way that’s sustainable, that’s manageable, that’s more moderated, so that those systems can be perpetuated and continue to support it. That’s supporting our ability to breath. That’s also supporting our ability to log trees, it’s also supporting our ability to mine coal. Everybody’s stainless steel travel mug, you know, come from somewhere.”
On October 21, 2019 voters will decide between Brynne and her Green Party, NDP incumbent Wayne Stetski, Conservative Candidate Rob Morrison and People’s Party of Canada Candidate Rick Stuart.