The Town of Creston has not yet made a decision whether to support a rainbow Crosswalk or not.

Creston’s LGTBQ+ community group OUTspoken launched a campaign to install a rainbow crosswalk, prompting debate over social media. Mayor Ron Toyota says until a formal request is made, the topic will not be discussed in council.

“We will not react to that until we have something addressed to Mayor and Council, that we will then officially look into it. It doesn’t mean to say yes. It doesn’t mean to say no.” Mayor Toyota continues, “They would have to be very specific as to where they would like to put it. Who would put it in, and then who would cover the ongoing maintenance et cetera.”

Organizer Nik McCready says the group wants to come prepared and secure enough funds before reaching out to the Town of Creston.

“As soon as we get to a place where we have a good presentation, we will make our presentation and talk about it from there. The speed bumps that we run into have been run into all over the country.”

Nik McCready (centre) says the BBQ fundraiser helped raise $1800. Roughly 1/3 of their goal. More fundraisers from other groups may follow. (image credit, Shanelle Ainscow, Facebook)

$1800  of their $5600  dollar goal has been raised so far.  More fundraisers are on the horizon on top of the BBQ held on July 27. Due to threats of vandalism, OUTspoken says they wish to raise enough money to cover repairs over a 10 year span.

“That’s the topic we get all the time. ‘Okay you know its going to be vandalized but you’re going to install it anyway?’ and we’re like, yes.”

According to McCready, OUTspoken and its board members are basing their step by step decisions off previous successful bids in towns across BC.

The proposed location is on 10th Avenue across from their sponsor, the Trinity United Church.