After review by the Technical Building Advisory Committee (TBAC), the schematics for Creston’s emergency services building are nearing completion.

Creston fire rescue (CFR) and BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) will be occupying the 17,000 square foot space. There will be room to house work experience program firefighters and ambulance staff, sharing a training room, kitchenette and bathrooms.

However, the space allocated for approximately six fire trucks and three ambulances will be partitioned by department, including a separate air exchange.

“So far from what I can see from the plans that are in the works, the layout looks good. Everything flows nicely.” Said Creston Fire Rescue Assistant Fire Chief Randall Fabbro.

The TBAC also looked at parking around the building as well as fencing. They were warm to idea of using natural barriers and landscaping to surround the building rather than encase the structure in fencing.

“It’s a community building.” Fabbro said. “We want it to be approachable and have people be able to come in to the Fire Hall and look at the trucks and do tours. Be very accepting and to fit into the community it its whole. So fencing and securing it all off, I don’t think is a good outlook for it.

The work-in-progress schematics are not available to the public as of yet. Kim Johnston of Johnston Davidson Architecture iterated the importance of fairness and having a “level playing field” for bidders by holding the plans until they are final.

Members of the TBAC also unanimously agreed to adopt a pre-qualifying bidding process. By using a scorecard, the TBAC will evaluate which businesses have the capacity, skill and experience to take on the project. Fabbro agreed with his peer’s decision.

“I think pre-qualifying the bidders is an excellent idea. So it cuts out any problems or underbidding. It’s fair in general to anybody that goes through the bidding process.”

As for the land purchase, the Town of Creston’s CAO Mike Moore says all the paper work is done and Loblaws need only sign the dotted line. He says there may be announcement in a few days.

Once the final design is set with the blessing of the TBAC, CFR and BCEHS, a more concrete visual aid will be released to the public to give locals an idea of what the structure will look like.