The Town of Creston is amending two bylaws in a step to be more proactive when it comes to dealing with rats.

The amendments already passed first, second and third readings. Last year Council received a delegation from Creston Rat Patrol, a local Facebook group formed in the wake of a reportedly growing rat population. Mayor Ron Toyota attended a community meeting with staff regarding the alleged rise of rats in the Creston Valley as well.

Now, the Town plans of strengthening their property maintenance bylaw regarding Pests and Vermin, putting more pressure on property owners to ensure their land isn’t harbouring pests.

If the Town issues a warning to a property owner but the infestation persists, the Town will then call a pest control agency on the property owner’s behalf. The property owner will then be billed for pest control services, and if it is ignored, the sum will show up on next year’s property taxes.

The best way to avoid vermin all together is to make sure your property is tidy and doesn’t have attractants like garbage or food laying around or rotting.