Local businesses in the Creston Valley have stepped in to help a resident get access to water.

Following financial constraints and an ongoing neighbour dispute regarding a water source,  Nicole Greffard was shocked to hear that Wild West Drilling would install a well  free of charge.

“These people risked their companies’ names for me and I don’t even know what to say about that at this moment.”

On February 4. 2020, Wild West Drilling set up shop to drill directly on Greffard’s property but more work had to be done to make it functional. Greffard says John and Alice Baranitsky from Rojo Contracting LTD paid for her pump, while Mad Dog Electrical installed it. It was a group effort that from the very same community Greffard calls home.

“I actually lived across the road here, two years before I rented here. So, you know, having the support of this community who know me has been very very comforting,” said Greffard who now owns the property she lives on.

As of now, water is running and Greffard has one less obstacle to worry about.