A brand new Creston Community Support group is now set up to help those in need amid the COVID- 19 social distancing protocols.

The non profit is powered fully through volunteers.

“Myself and another woman, Becca Musso, both started this mutual aid group on Facebook at the exact same time.” said founding director Tracy McKee.

Services range from delivery services to just having someone to talk to as many are forced to self isolate or even go under quarantine as many “Snowbirds” return from their travels outside of Canada.  There’s also a large senior population in Creston who may also need a helping hand.

“It’s just people helping people,” said McKee. “There’s no bureaucracy. We just kook people up with those people who need things with people who have things. Or volunteers who can do deliveries.”

 The Creston Community Support dispatch’s hours of operation are from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. It may be reached at: 250-428-9167.

Or by email at: crestonbcmutualaid@fmail.com

All details are posted on the Creston Community Support Facebook page. McKee says people can post publicly or send private messages for aid.

 “We’re trying to create some confidentiality too right? Everybody doesn’t need to know each other’s business.”

(Supplied by Creston Community Support)