Creston, BC March 24, 2020: The Town of Creston’s Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) has been running since March 14, 2020 and following the Regional Emergency Program Response Plan, shared with the Regional District of Central Kootenay. During this time, it is vital that all local governments follow the lead of our Provincial and Federal governments.  The Town is focused on disseminating accurate and relevant information to our community and managing the provision of essential services.  


  • Movement between Communities: We have been noticing a social media post that suggests closing Creston Valley’s borders in response to the COVID-19 situation. There is no authority or legal ability by a local government, except by the direction of the Province, to prohibit the movement of people between Provinces, municipalities or communities.  Please be kind and remember the words of our Provincial Medical Health Officer, “We need to take care of each other while staying apart.”


  • Travelers Returning to Creston: On March 17, the Provincial Medical Health Officer ordered travellers returning to Canada on or after March 12, 2020 to self-isolate. The Town of Creston would like to remind our snowbirds and other travellers to follow this order. Self-isolation lasts for 14 days after travel, meaning that for 14 days upon return, travelers are to stay home and avoid contact with others.  There are community resources available support you as you settle in, please visit  for more information. 


  • COVID-19 Information Line: The Town of Creston launched a COVID-19 Information Line to assist individuals without internet access. This line provides daily updates and relevant community information. Call 250 428-8658; please share this number with those who need it. 


  • Sanitizing High Touch Areas: Town of Creston staff are sanitizing high touch areas in Town, including but not limited to benches, railings, and bus stops twice daily. A mild bleach solution, safe for the public and staff, is being applied.


  • Skate Park Closure: Please be advised that the Creston and District Community Complex Skate Park is now closed.