It is absolutely mind boggling that a big ol’ cat like this week’s PAWS Pet of the Week is still available for adoption.

Fray is a long-hair Tuxedo-type cat with a beautiful coat. At about 18 pounds, he has real presence!

He’s a really nice boy. He likes attention, and has even started to ask for it. He gets along with the other cats, but tends to mind his own business.

He’s neutered, has had his vaccinations and health check, and he’s ready to go home with you.

Fray has also reached out to human kind but once again, much of his message wasn’t understood. With Juice FM’s meow-to-english skill set we were able to translate the following:

“Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say. But nothing comes out, when they move their lips… Just a bunch of gibberish. Animal-lovers act like they forgot about Fray.”

For the full interview (including the PAWS Tip of the Week) between Jensen Shields and PAWS Director at Large Debby Crane, click on the link below!