The Future of Creston’s iconic twin grain elevators will be somewhat of a community decision.

After purchasing the landmark in 2018, the Columbia Basin Trust invested in cleaning out the structures and assessing their structural integrity. But there is more work to be done. Community consultation is in the works until December 14, 2020.

An online poll called Thought Exchange has already accumulated and ranked over 140 ideas from more than 100 participants. The CBT said they are not bound by the online poll’s top ideas, but will certainly take the top-rated and lowest-rated ideas into account

So far, among the highest-rated “thoughts” are the notions to turn one of the structures into a climbing gym.

Not far behind are the thoughts of turning one of the elevators into a multi-use space to house an art gallery, cafe and cultural centre. 

Among the lowest-ranked ideas is the notion to tear down the more decrepit white tower, as Creston’s twin elevators are the last of their kind in all of B.C.

CBT-hired Heritage Consultant Elana Zysblat said, “Having two of them side by side, in such an accessible location, makes them more unique and more valuable than most grain elevators in the entire country.”

With only a few days left to participate in the thought exchange, you may find the link here: