The holiday season proved to be very busy for Creston RCMP.

Among the many calls were two reports of contravening events under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act wherein the even organizers were issued $2,300 fines. One event was an-person worship service at Grace Christian Fellowship according to Staff Sergeant Ryan Currie. The other, the re-occurring rally in protest of the Provincial Health Orders held outside Classic Glass on Canyon Street.


Creston Media Report

Police received 86 calls for assistance from December 21st, 2020 to January 4, 2021.


December 21, 2020

  • Request to check on the well-being of a person who may be in a volatile relationship.
  • Report of loud Christmas music coming from a residential yard display.

December 22, 2020

  • Attended to a vehicle and bicycle collision on Northwest Blvd.

December 23, 2020

  • Report of a person breaching a no contact order.
  • Report of wheels stolen from Wynndel. 
  • Attended to a vehicle pedestrian collision in which the pedestrian suffered serious injuries. 
  • Intervened in an alcohol fueled argument in Kitchener. 

December 24, 2020

  • Attended to a domestic disturbance which resulted in a person attempting to harm himself. The victim was taken to the hospital for assessment.

December 25, 2020

  • After a report of a theft from a Creston business, police located the suspect with the stolen beef jerky. Charges are pending. 
  • Report of a large Christmas party at a residence in Erickson contravening the Provincial Health Order. Police investigated but there was no such party. 

December 26, 2020

  • Report of a person throwing rocks at residences while holding a cat. Police could not locate a suspect. 

December 27, 2020

  • Report of a possible trespasser at a construction site in Lister.
  • Report of a suspicious person knocking on doors in Creston late at night.


December 28, 2020

  • Responded to a compliant of a youth damaging property at a residence.
  • Opened an investigation into a report of threats between ex-partners.
  • Report of a break-in to an unoccupied home in Lister.
  • Report of youth littering in a parking lot on Canyon Street. 

December 29, 2020

  • Report of a truck idling too long outside a residence in Creston. 
  • An emergency satellite beacon call on the Kootenay Pass turned out to be a truck driver that had mechanical issues and could not get cell service.
  • Police were asked to check on the well-being of family members that had not been heard of for some time. The couple was found in good health with a phone that had quit working.

December 30, 2020

  • Began an investigation into an allegation of child abuse. 
  • Attended to a report of a person entering a residence without consent.
  • Report of an attempted fraud in which a Creston business received a call from someone claiming to be with the RCMP and requesting they purchase gift cards.
  • Report of a person entering a property while being on condition to have no contact with the home resident. Police located and arrested the suspect. Charges are pending.

December 31, 2020

  • Report of a suspicious male attempting to cross the border from Canada into the US at the Rykerts border crossing after hours. Creston RCMP liaised with US authorities and the suspect was located in Porthill, Idaho. The suspect was arrested and taken to a facility in Bonner’s Ferry. 
  • Report of people trespassing outside a residence at night in Creston.
  • Attended to a complaint of a lost wallet in which the bank card was later used to withdraw funds. 
  • Report of threats being made between a landlord and tenant in Yahk. 
  • Report of a large party at a location on a forest service road. Police patrolled but did not locate a party. 
  • Police attended to a complaint of a two vehicle collision in Canyon. The drinking driver of one of the vehicles was located walking away from the scene. The driver received a 90 day license suspension. 
  • Report of people setting off fireworks outside a school in Creston.
  • A report of a possibly impaired driver in Creston resulted in the drinking driver being suspended from driving for 90 days, having her vehicle impounded and also receiving fines for driving without a license and failing to comply with driving restrictions. 

January 1, 2021

  • Called to check on the well-being of an overdue traveler. The traveler was located safe. 
  • Received a report that a landlord had stolen a tenant’s meat and thrown it out for no reason. The complainant also advised that her pets had been taken without her consent, and she wanted police to retrieve them. The complainant was advised that these issues were civil in nature, and that proper channels had to be pursued. 

January 2, 2021

  • Attended to a domestic assault. Charges are pending.
  • Responded to a complaint of an assault which stemmed from a neighbour dispute over loud music. Alcohol appeared to be a factor. 
  • Received a report of a Creston business being robbed at gun point. After investigation it was found to be a false report that was totally fabricated. Public mischief charges are being pursued. 
  • Police attended to a report of an intoxicated male attempting to fight people at a residence in Lister. The suspect was located and lodged in police cells to sober up.
  • Police were again tasked with attending to a demonstration on Canyon Street with participants protesting the COVID-19 Public Health Order restrictions. Attending officers were subjected to insults and profanities while attempting to disperse the crowd as the rally was deemed to be against the Public Health Order. The organizer of the event even referred to attending officers as “Nazis” while openly defying the order. Two participants had to be arrested for obstructing a peace officer. Five were issued fines for $230.00 for failing to comply with officer direction under the Emergency Program Act, and the organizer was issued a fine for $2300.00 for organizing a non-compliant event under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act. Further fines are being considered for the location owner for allowing the event. 

January 3, 2021

  • Report of a fraud in which money was taken from a bank account.
  • Report of threats being uttered to a person travelling through Creston. 
  • Received a complaint that a Creston church was contravening the COVID-19 Related Measures Act by holding in-person worship services. After investigation, a $2300.00 fine was issued to the church pastor for contravening the order.


S/Sgt. Ryan Currie 2021-01-04