An emotionally distraught man visiting Nelson due to a family death attempted to take his own life by means of suicide by police on Monday.

Police were asked to check in on the man after they determined his statements had the potential to be of a violent nature.

The man had not been seen in roughly half a day which sent members of the Nelson Police Department out to find him. After many hours of looking police were able to locate the male east of Nelson.

Initial conversations took place between officers and the individual before the man took off by foot.

Staff Sergeant Brian Weber said after shouting at the police, the man presented a knife and pressed it against his neck, which was responded with calm dialogue by police.

“The distraught male walked into the shallow water of the beach while threatening suicide by police,” said Weber “The officers contained the male so that he could not depart the area.”

According to police, the man was making a number of phone calls and during that time he was drinking liquor and snorting a white powder from a clear plastic bag.

Police then used a stun gun to incapacitate the man as they rushed into the water and wrestled the knife away from him.

The man was taken into police custody and transported to the Kootenay Lake Hospital to get treated for minor physical injuries and apparent substance overdose.