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Stevenson testifies in defence of girlfriend

The prosecution in the Krista Kalmikoff trial has portrayed her ex-boyfriend – convicted multiple armed robber Andrew Stevenson – as an unreliable and biased witness.

Stevenson robbed several locations in our area and the crown is trying to prove Kalmikoff was an accomplice , acting as get-away driver in at least one of them.

Stevenson took the stand in Nelson Supreme Court and insists she knew nothing about his crimes but adds his drug addiction has “left my  memory in tatters.”

He recounted how in the two robberies in Nelson for example he and Kalmikoff drove in together for shopping and arranged to meet later at a specific spot. He went off to get high and committed the crimes. He says she did not know what he’d done.

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She’s already testified she drove from police after the Credit Union robbery because she was “scared and overwhelmed” and did not know what was going on.

The prosecutor put it to Stevenson, because his memory is so poor he “assumed she was not his accomplice”. “You can’t really know because you can’t remember.”

“That’s right” he responded.

Also the Crown got Stevenson to affirm the couple were in love , he’d asked her to marry him and he planned to spend the rest of his life with her. He also testified he’d never shown any violence towards her.

The Crown painted a picture of a man who has no reason to see her found guilty and is trying to protect her from conviction.

The jury trial continues.

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