Staff and volunteers with the Town of Creston will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19, following a decision by Town Council.

In Tuesday night’s meeting, Council voted in favour of the move, giving workers until December 4th to get both doses.

“The Town is implementing a vaccine policy to add another layer of protection for our staff and volunteers to keep them and our community health while protecting our healthcare system,” said Mike Moore, Creston’s Chief Administrative Officer. “The Town will use every reasonable precaution to safeguard our employees from the risks of COVID-19.”

The policy was amended during the meeting to include all elected members of Creston’s Town Council.

As of October 11th, 65% of Creston Valley residents aged 12 and up have received both doses, making it the lowest vaccination rate amongst its neighbours.

For comparison of those 12 and older, 67% of the population has both doses on the Kootenay Lake area, Nelson has 71%, Cranbrook has 75% and Kimberley has a rate of 80%.