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Highway maintenance plan needed with increased traffic expected

With more traffic expected to be coming through the area on Highway 3 because of road closures across the province, Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison said there needs to be a plan for maintaining the roadway.

He said the amount of traffic will most likely be too much for what the road is built for.

“My biggest concern is that if Highway 3 is the only route open to the west coast for people coming from the lower mainland going east or vice versa,” said Morrison.

“We’re going to see an exceptional load on our highways and our highways aren’t really built for that much volume. I’m working now with the federal government and the province on anticipation on if we’re the only highway open.”

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He said they may need to look at a proactive approach to snow removal to make sure roads are clear.

“We have pretty bad weather in the winter and the Trans Canada is generally pretty good, same with the Coquihalla. Here we get a lot of snow,” added Morrison.

“We need to be more proactive and have a plan in place now. Do we need to increase the maintenance for the roads for snow removal and what are we going to do in the summertime with all the truck traffic?”

Supply chain issues are another problem brought on by the recent flooding. Morrison said he is talking with both the federal and provincial government to make sure areas serviced by the lower mainland continue to be serviced.

Morrison said there needs to be action by the government.

“We’re looking for actions not just words. I’ve got some meetings later this weekend with dairy farmers in the area. Trying to talk to them about what’s happening with them in the dairy farms,” added Morrison.

“One issue is to make sure our supply chain is going to be not affected, or if it is, that we can adjust our supply chains.”

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