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MP Rob Morrison disappointed with federal response to protests

Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison said he is disappointed with the federal government’s response to protesters in Ottawa and elsewhere in the country seeking an end to COVID-19 restrictions.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the federal government would enact the Emergency Act in an effort to stop the protests.

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Morrison said this comes after the Conservative Party brought forward a motion to try to resolve the conflict.

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“Our motion was to have the government give us a plan to remove the vaccine passport, remove the requirements at border crossings and start moving on with our lives,” said Morrison. “I was shocked that both the Liberals and NDP voted against it and wanted more restrictions.”

Morrison, calling in from Ottawa, said the enacting of the Emergencies Act may have been an overreaction.

“The last the War Measures Act, prior to the Emergencies Act, was used during the FLQ (Front de libération du Québec) crisis in Quebec. That was when there were murders and kidnappings and a lot of serious violence,” said Morrison.

“Whereas I go downtown here, and I know last week it was a little bit loud with the honking, but that’s all stopped. It’s pretty quiet now, so I’m not too sure where the prime minister feels the need is for the Emergency Act.”

The MP added that it is still too early to comment on what Trudeau plans to do with the Emergency Act.

“Watching the Prime Minister, he divides and wedges people who don’t agree with him. I’ve never seen so many divisive actions in Canada as I’ve seen in the last several months,” said Morrison. “I went to a rally in Cranbrook, and it was very peaceful. There were people with Canadian flags, there were children running around.”

Morrison said he wants to see a peaceful end to the blockades and protests.

“I’d like to see a plan to remove the restrictions, much like some of the provinces are doing, like Alberta or Saskatchewan,” explained Morrison. “All I think people want is just saying it’s time to move forward.”

B.C. is anticipated to announce an easing of COVID-19 capacity restrictions and a timeline on other measures on Tuesday.

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