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Creston RCMP face aggressive goat

Creston RCMP say their attempts to respond to a crash on a rural farm property on Sunday were stymied by an aggressive billy goat who refused to let first responders get to the person who had been injured. An officer used pepper spray to scare the goat away.

That was just one of 114 calls that police responded to over an eight day period. Others included:

May 21

  • Responding to a possible domestic dispute where the two people were throwing rocks and bricks back and forth. Both were arrested and released pending a court date.
  • Helping the fire department with an elderly man who fell and could not get up. The fire department had to force its way into the man’s home to help him.

May 22

  • CP Rail reported a possible rail bandit but it was determined the rail car doors were just not closed. No one was observed and there was no sign of any bandit. However, they helped CP Police with a report of a trespasser on the tracks.
  • Police responded to a single-vehicle rollover. The driver had left the scene and was deemed to have fallen asleep.
  • Officers responded to a report of two hitchhikers arguing. The parties were separated and sent on their way.

May 23

  • Police responded to a lost child who left the rec centre with a guardian. The child was located safe at home.

May 24

  • Police received a report of someone trespassing on a property at Kootenay Bay the previous night. The trespasser was spoken to and they reported they left immediately when they realized they were on the other person’s property and were just looking for the International Space Station on the clear night.
  • Police responded to an assault in progress. A man was arrested and charged for multiple offenses for assaulting an elderly family member with a weapon, mischief and breaching multiple conditions. He was remanded in custody.

May 25

  • RCMP located a woman on an outstanding warrant for refusal to comply with an impaired driving evaluation. She was released pending a court date.
  • Police received a report of a fraud through an online buy and sell post.

May 26

  • Responded to a domestic dispute in progress. A suspect was arrested and charges are being forwarded.
  • Police say they also responded to a separate incident in which a suspect assaulted their partner and the partner’s daughter. They say the suspect tried to assault officers as well but was arrested.

May 27

  • Police responded to a suicidal man and helped him with getting help from medical professionals.
  • Police received a request to help keep the peace while a man collected his belongings. However, it was determined the man was too drunk and was advised to call back when he was sober.
  • Police located a missing hospital patient who wanted support from his dog. Members were able to locate him at home with the dog. He agreed to return without issue.

May 28

  • A vehicle failed to stop for police. Members attended the registered owner’s home and found the vehicle on the road. The vehicle was impounded and the owner was issued multiple violation tickets.
  • Members were called to report of a stolen travel trailer. It was determined it was subject to a civil dispute between now ex-partners. They were advised to address the ownership in court.
  • Members responded to a vehicle fire on Highway 3. No injuries were reported and the vehicle was removed from the road.

May 29

  • Police responded to a report of a sexual assault. The suspect was arrested and charges are pending.
  • Police responded to a flag being replaced with another flag. The original flag was not recovered. A note was left reporting it was a capture the flag game but the owner didn’t know they were playing.
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