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Snowbirds coming to Creston for monument installation

A monument to commemorate beloved Creston resident Clarence Lang is set to be installed on July 26 with a flyover by the Canadian Air Force Snowbirds.

Lang was squadron leader for the Golden Centennaires.

The Centennaires were an aerial team formed to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday.

Sadly, Lang died of cancer at the age of 47 in 1982.

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Since 2010, John Huscroft, a longtime Creston resident and fellow avid pilot, had been on a mission to set up a monument in honour of Lang.

He acquired a CT-114 Tutor jet and had it painted with the original colours of the 1967 Golden Centennaires.

Unfortunately, he was never able to complete the project after unexpectedly dying in February of this year.

Huscroft was named citizen of the year in 2020 and was involved in countless community organizations and initiatives.

Mayor Ron Toyota is making sure Huscroft’s work gets finished.

“We are all doing this to commemorate Lang and Huscroft. This was his project for over 10 years, so I’ve taken it on personally to complete it.

He says the finished jet has been shipped from Ontario.

The jet will be raised in the north parking lot of Millennium Park.

Toyota says the timeline is a little tight, but they hope to have everything ready for when the Snowbirds come.

“It will be great. Our timing may be off a bit, but on July 26 the Snowbirds will be doing a flypast.”

The project cost approximately $110,000 with Huscroft contributing over $70,000 himself.


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