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Fields Forward Society director Anthony Mondia tries for Creston council seat

Creston’s Fields Forward Society director, Anthony Mondia says he wants to give back to the community he loves by running for Creston town council.

After being born in Sidney, B.C, and living in smaller communities throughout the province, Mondia says has a lot of experience with small towns and how they work.

And now, he wants to put that experience and knowledge to work for Creston.

“I came here because, after living in Smithers up north and for a bit in Penticton where my dad is, I found that I really like small towns and I love the activities and the things that Creston has to offer. So big reason why I came here.”

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While living in Penticton, Mondia ran the Community Futures office and he has a background in accounting.

Mondia during his interview at Juice FM 

“So, one of the first things that I did before moving was taking a look at the official community plan and the town’s financials. I want to make sure that this was a place that I felt was safe financially to buy a house and invest in the community,” described Mondia.

“After I did that, I saw that this place was being run pretty good and I want to get involved and contribute.”

He adds that isn’t to say that things can’t be improved.

“There are obviously some things that can be improved. The accountant in me finds some things that I would like to ask more questions about and learn a bit more about. But, when it comes to asset management, really what a town’s first priority, in my opinion, is, things are being done pretty good here.”

Mondia has lived in Creston for one and a half years now, and after adjusting to his new home and buying a home downtown, he went around looking for opportunities to give back.

He became director of the Fields Forward Society but felt like he still had more to give.

Then, he says he was encouraged by others to run for council

“I have strong encouragement from past and existing councillors and mayors, and that made me feel confident to run,” explains Mondia.

“I’m hoping that there’s a bit of continuity in the next council that gets selected so I can learn a lot from past experience and not lose that knowledge. I’m hoping I’m running on a stable government and responsible growth; keyword responsible.”

Mondia says he loves the community in Creston and is blessed to call the valley his home.

“I like the climate. I have a massive garden.”

“I’ve got fruit trees, got a hazelnut tree. Loving being in touch with the land. I’m a really big backcountry enthusiast, everything from hiking and trekking to skiing.”

And now, Mondia says he’s ready to give back to the community he loves.

“I think I can give a lot. And so I have a lot of activities, whether it’s Fields Forward or helping out with getting that food hub and that copacking facility off the ground.”

“That’s the community I want to give to.”

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