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Monique Arès looks to bring social work experience to Creston town council

Monique Arès first moved to Creston 20 years ago, before leaving for school and volunteering internationally, but she couldn’t stay away for long.

“I quickly found my way back to this place that I consider home. I’ve been working at [Kootenay Employment Services] for six years, which has brought me insight into the economic and social landscape of our community.”

She started a family here with her partner Jacob and her one-year-old daughter. And now, she’s looking to give back to the community she loves so much.

“I decided to run for council because I feel it’s important that we have representation in our town council and that residents see themselves in their elected officials. I’m a local mother, and I care about the community I’ll be raising my daughter in. I want to contribute to the continued well-being of the Creston Valley, both for residents and the surrounding natural environment,” says Arès.

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After gaining experience while working at KES and during her social work studies, Arès says she developed an “interest in the connection between economic growth, social well-being, and ecological sustainability”.

“I think it’s possible to balance all three, and I want to be part of continuing to build a healthy and sustainable community where residents feel supported, happy, and thriving.”

Arès says her experience is unique and offers a diverse addition to council.

“I think I offer a younger, local mother’s perspective. And I also offer a social work perspective.”

In her free time, Arès enjoys tending her garden and exploring nature with her family. She’s also completing a Master of Social Work this fall.

“I love the people [here]. I have found Creston to be warm and welcoming, and I have made many close friends. There are so many admirable and caring people here, and I feel encouraged by this community. Secondly, I love the nature surrounding our valley. Jacob and I spend our time enjoying the lake and the rivers, as well as the many hikes and walks around the valley. Finally, I appreciate the agriculture. We have access to so much fresh food, and I love when we can cook a meal at home with all our ingredients from the dairy, the orchards, and the vineyards.”

“I feel really blessed. And I hope to continue the sustainable, local way of living.”

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