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After getting license back, driver gets into crash in Creston

Creston RCMP say there were two major incidents relating to vehicles last week.

For the first, officers were at the scene of a single-vehicle collision early in the morning when they found the driver had just gotten back his license. After being found heavily intoxicated, he was issued a driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded.

For the second, a woman was found stealing a vehicle. After being arrested, she was found to have multiple stolen wallets and had previously started a fire. She is facing multiple charges.


RCMP responded to two cases of individuals breaching their conditions.

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In the second case, a man was reported to be breaching his probation. He was arrested after not obeying his house arrest conditions.


After a case of a person being extorted, RCMP are warning the public to be careful of giving information away online.

The person was blackmailed after sending explicit photos of themselves. The suspect then demanded money or the photos would be spread.

Never share personal information with people you do not know.


Lastly, throughout the week, Creston RCMP multiple calls of what they would describe as not police-related issues.

A man spotted a large cat thought to be an ocelot with a chain on its neck that turned out to be a somewhat large house cat with a collar.

Someone was spotted having trouble getting their bike up an icy hill.

A dog was barking loudly.

There was a complaint of alley cats needing to be fixed, which was found to be a SPCA and civil issue.

And finally, a man spilled some coffee on some chocolate bars and was just checking to see if he could be in trouble.

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