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Creston town council votes to amend vaccination policies

Last year, when the pandemic was at its worst, Creston town council put into place vaccination policies for council, town staff, and contractors, to promote vaccination in the valley.

On Tuesday, in light of the lessening dangers of COVID-19, council once more voted; this time, to amend the current policy.

During the meeting, chief administrative officer Michael Moore presented council with three options regarding the policy.

They could either keep the status quo, remove the policy completely, or amend it to reflect changing circumstances.

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In regards to removing the policies completely, Moore reminded council that the province is still recognizing the pandemic.

“We’re still in a pandemic, it hasn’t gone away,” said Moore.

“That status has not changed provincially or from the World Health Organization.”

Council voted to amend all three policies, one each for town staff, council, and contractors,

Only councillor Jim Elford was opposed, stating that the status quo should be maintained.

“Why are we even wasting our time on this?” asked Elford in the meeting.

“I see no reason why the policy shouldn’t remain where it is.”

Councillor Anthony Mondia provided a different opinion during the discussion.

While there is a continued health risk during the pandemic, Mondia said the information shows that this risk has diminished.

Instead, he feels now should be the time that they are encouraging participation rather than restricting access.

“I think that we should be erring on the side now of creating that opportunity for others to participate.”

The amendments have now been decided. Council will destroy records of vaccinations and will remove vaccination mandates. Instead, they will recommend vaccination.

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