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Leash your dogs and cats, says Creston

Furry friends are frolicking freely in Creston despite bylaws enforcing leashes.

Numerous reports of both cats and dogs wandering off-leash have been submitted and those calling Creston home are asked to keep their pets restrained.

Dallas Magrum with Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society (PAWS) says those allowing their pets to wander are risking fines.

“Animals in the Town of Creston are not free to roam, as per the bylaw,” said Magrum.

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If an animal is found roaming free, it will be reported and, most likely, brought to PAWS and housed until its owner can be found.

“At that point, before the owners can pick up their animal, they will have to go down to the town hall and pay a fine and then produce that proof once they get to PAWS. Then, they can pick up their pet and take it back home.”

Besides a fine, animals roaming free face other dangers, such as being hit by a car. Magrum says it’s always better to keep them on a leash.

“The possibility of them getting hit by a car or some sort of an accident or someone else picking their animal up and not returning them is high. That actually happens more than people realize.”

Lastly, dogs and cats are predators. Cats especially pose a large risk to the local wildlife.

Bird populations can be threatened if cats are left to wander outside.

If anyone has any questions about the pet bylaws, they are encouraged to contact the Town of Creston.

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