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Creston RCMP remind public to not drive impaired

After multiple cases of drivers getting behind the wheel while under the influence, Creston RCMP is reminding everyone to plan their way home safely.

RCMP Constable Brett Urano says the reason to not drive while impaired is obvious.

“It’s illegal and you could hurt someone,” said Urano.

“Impaired driving is probably one of the leading factors of death on our highways today. So, on our highways and roadways in British Columbia and throughout Canada, we are always actively watching for people driving impaired.”

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In the Creston RCMP weekly reports, there is usually at least one case of officers finding a driver under the influence.

“It’s something that all of our officers here in Creston look for at all times.”

And Urano says it’s easy to avoid.

“The best way to go about it, I guess, is avoiding even being in the situation of choosing to get behind the wheel. Walking, having a designated driver, taking a taxi, always plan your way home.”

Urano says if you’re going to be drinking that night, don’t plan on driving.

“Make sure you make other arrangements, because it’s a choice you make when you drive impaired and it can be, at times, fatal. We don’t want that for anyone in town.”

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