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‘Shocking’ attendance numbers at Kootenay Meadows Spring Turn Out

It seems like everyone in the Creston Valley was huddled around a field at Kootenay Meadows Farm on Saturday to watch the cows touch grass for the first time this year.

The Spring Turn Out took place over the weekend, where cattle that had been resting indoors for the winter were put to pasture for the first time.

Much like the year before, hundreds of people came to watch the delighted bovines prance around the field.

Erin Harris, new owner and long-time worker at Kootenay Meadows, says they were shocked by the turnout for the second year in a row.

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“We thought last year was kind of like an anomaly because of it being right after COVID and we had ice cream, but it seems like that might be the new [number] of people, so yeah, it’s wonderful.”

Harris says this was the eighth year they hosted the turn out, now with a market down at Lister Park where visitors could enjoy multiple food trucks.

Proceeds from the market and ice cream cones sales at the farm went towards the Lister Community Association to help pay for groundskeeping for the summer.

Harris says they were surprised at the sheer number of people.

“We always loved the first day the cows go to pasture. We always thought it was really nice. And then we actually had a visit from a Danish dairy farmer and the Danish organic farms all let their cows out the same day and invite the public. So we thought like, oh, that’s quaint. We’ll do that and maybe like 100 people show up.”

However, their estimate fell short by a few hundred. Children and parents alike giggled at the happy cow antics.

“This is the first day that they go out to grass and they’re always pretty adorable and run around and jump.”

Harris took over the family farm in January and says it’s thanks to their staff that they are able to host such an event.

“It’s been really good and we have a wonderful staff. There’s no way I could have taken over without the amazing staff we have on the farm here. We have 14 people working for us. So a big part of me being able to take over and do it well is all the people that work for us.”

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