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Three plaques join jet display in Creston

A ceremony at Creston’s Golden Centennaires tutor jet yesterday unveiled the final touches of the display with three plaques.

A year ago, the tutor jet was set up beside Millennium Park and a ceremony was held to honour those who had a hand in getting it there.

The CT-114 Tutor was painted in the colours of the 1967 Golden Centennaies, a squadron led by local C.B. Lang.

Lang worked at Ken Huscroft’s sawmill, whose son, Johnny, was largely responsible for getting the plane to Creston.

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“It was Johnny and C.B Lang’s dream to have the tutor jet on display as a permanent memory of that event,” said Mayor Arnold DeBoon.

“With the memorial plagues there, the whole story will be in place with the jet.”

Three plaques have been placed beside the jet with information regarding the display and the process to get it in Creston.

“The largest is the tutor jet sign, and it basically explains the Golden Cenetannaires and the CT-114 tutor jet. It has the story of Clarence B. Lang on it and the dream of Johnny Huscroft.”

The other two plaques are to honour Johnny Huscroft, who tragically passed last year before the jet was put up, and C. B Lang, who passed in 1984.

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