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Dash for Trash event set to clean up Creston Valley

Creston residents have a chance to help clean up the valley with the annual Dash for Trash events.

Teams of volunteers will head out to designated areas of the Creston Valley to fill bags with litter and bring them back to the Columbia Brewery.

Paul Punia, Environmental and Health Safety Manager at Labatt Columbia Brewery, says they’re excited for this year’s event.

“It’s an annual event that we put together in order to get the community together to clean up trash. It hadn’t been done for a few years due to COVID, but we started up again last year and now continuing again this year.”

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Volunteers will meet at the brewery on May 11 at 9 am. Teams will be set up and assigned areas to clean up.

The full bags will then be brought back to the brewery, where Tip-It Waste Solutions has donated a dumpster.

“Environmental stewardship is a big initiative within Labatt and our global company in general,” said Punia.

“We have lots of ambitious targets when it comes to things like water usage, recycling rate. So involving the community along with that initiative is a big push for us, and we like to do it at the community level here and get everybody involved.”

Last year’s event saw a huge turnout of volunteers, something Punia is hoping to replicate this year.

“We’d love to have the same type of turnout for sure. We’ll be ready for the numbers if we can get them.”

A barbecue will be held for the volunteers after the cleanup as thanks.

Those interested can sign up at the Chamber of Commerce website, with the deadline for registration set for May 4.

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