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Free Medical Flights to Kelowna

Free Medical Flights to Kelowna

The East Kootenay region is an extremely beautiful place to live. Vast wilderness surrounds small towns providing world class scenery, adventure, and lots of space to call home. Residents appreciate the calm, quiet nature of this area; far from the busy city centres filled with traffic noise and fast paced lifestyles. But what we enjoy about our lack of infrastructure can also be a crutch for those in need of certain services. Access to proper health care facilities is a challenge that many residents face, causing them to travel long distances for medical treatment. For those that do not have the means to travel, Angel Flight East Kootenay is helping those in need make the journey to receive proper treatment in Kelowna.

Individuals living in rural communities in Canada have long faced challenges in obtaining equitable access to health care services. Healthcare equipment is extremely expensive and because of that, it requires a large population of people to support the need for many medical services. And it’s not just medical equipment but doctors with certain specialties that do not exist in the area. Rural communities constitute 18% of the Canadian population but are served by only 8% of the physicians in Canada.* Kelowna is the closest city in BC with a wide variety of medical services. But due to the long drive, and lack of commercial flights, going for an hour appointment could involve a multi-day trip. The time and money involved in that length of journey is not feasible for many. Angel Flight East Kootenay has stepped in to help get people to and from their appointment in a timely manner, free of charge.

Angel Flight East Kootenay’s is a charitable organization with the goal of flying local residents to treatment centres in Kelowna, for free! If you need assistance getting to Kelowna for specific medical treatment that cannot be found locally, Angel Flight East Kootenay is your best bet. The planes are small and serve individual patients. They fly to and from Kelowna based on your appointment times, so you will not get stuck waiting around for other patients. Due to the small, un-pressurized planes, there are a few limitations for passengers. To find out more about the limitations visit Currently planes fly from the Cranbrook International Airport and Sparwood Elk Valley Airpot, with hope to have more airports added to the list.


Founded in April 2019 by retired airline captain Brent Bidston. Angel Flight East Kootenay is entirely volunteer-led with no paid employees. Volunteer pilots are donating their time and their planes, which help donations make a significant impact. But flying is not cheap, so in order to keep offering free flights to Kelowna, donations are crucial. To make a donation today just click here.

Address: Fernie B.C
Phone: 250-430-7057
Email: [email protected]


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